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Designer linen and bath items at great discount prices....
                                   by Sheri Davis Collins
Some think that designer bedding is very expensive, and it can be, however, there are cheaper sources. There are discount designer bedding stores, where you can achieve quality, fashion coordinated patterns, for cheaper than retail pricing.

The advantages of Shopping Online for Discount Designer Bedding:
  • Wide selection 500+ bedding sets, comforters, etc.
  • Discounts on designers like Croscill, Nautica, Lauren
  • Great quality, style, color coordination, many patterns
  • Save 85%  off retail prices

It may seem a little daunting buying your bedding online..

The trick is to learn how to gauge fabric content.  Once you become aware of this you will know exactly the feel, weight and look of your item before you actually touch it.

How does one do this?

Easily, compare the fabric content of linen that you presently own with the one you are thinking of buying.  If you are happy with what you now own, purchase items of similar content. If you are not, increase the cotton, or polyester or the blend of each.

Visit the linen department the next time you are out shopping at a large retail store. Feel the different fabric content of the linen, to determine your preference.
You should purchase a set that is different from what you usually buy to really determine your true preference and the laundered outcome.

As with trying something new, there is a learning curve. However, once you've done your homework so to speak, you can buy bedding, clothing or anything without actually feeling it, because you will know your preference of fabric content and what to expect.

You can then happily partake in purchasing discount designer bedding, get the quality, style and pattern for a good price.




bedding comforter set

Bedding Source 3

Bedding Source 4a

queen comforter set

king duvet covers


Modern Bedding...

Modern Bedroom  free shipping on orders
                                    over $200


Kid's Bedding:

468x60 Kids bedding



Want Quality Designer Bed Linens at Affordable Prices?                              

Is your present bedding slipping, pilling and wearing unevenly?

Maybe it’s a little worn, been cleaned one time too many and a bit faded. Whatever the clues, it’s time for a bedding make over.

Did it hold up as long or as well as you thought it should?  Perhaps its time to try something new. Perhaps you’d like a different color, texture to give your bedroom a new feel.  

 How about bed linens that were produced with quality, superior wear and comfort in mind?

It occurred to me as I looked at higher priced bedding, can they really be any better than what I've been buying?  One day I decided to purchase a pair of the pillow cases.  Having them would allow me to determine if the quality is any different. (I paid full price!)

Nothing is more disappointing than seeing a photo of an ensemble which prompts you to buy it. Then when you get it home you see the fabric is flimsy and the sizing is incorrect. 

Upon opening the package I surprised at the thickness of the fabric, the finish, and how good they felt.  Even more surprising was how they didn't lose color or shrink when I laundered them. The fabrics are more substantial than average and are well constructed.

Now I understood the difference in quality and price.  Since that purchase I (decided I wouldn't pay full price unless I absolutely had to)  began buying discount designer bedding.  Each night I am extremely comfortable when I lie on the sheets that stay put on the mattress and feel superb to the touch.

After a stressful day of activities such as work, cleaning, etc., the bed should be a relaxing haven, and it is for me with these products.

You may be giving thought to changing some of your accessories.

Nothing major perhaps the dust ruffle, and accent pillows, just enough to give your room a little lift.  It will make a difference in how you feel.

I feel energized when I have a new look in my most prized rooms in the house, the bedroom and bath area. One needs a little pick me up especially during the winter months when it gets dark earlier, and you are home more.

Subsequently, I have purchased more in various colors and styles. My personal observations of its quality and durability is positive.  To my surprise, nothing negative has occurred.

Try it for yourself, you may learn that saving money and getting great quality does happen.



Great selection of scented candles for the bedroom!!

Great selection of scented candles for the bedroom!!



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Advisory:  Some of the products I mention on this website are done with a affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking. In most cases I have handled the items and am aware of their performance. 

You will not have to pay extra for the product purchase nor does this arrangement cause me to give a favorable recommendation if the product fails to deliver on its promises.    Sheri

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