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Unique Shower Curtains, Why Bother?

Unique Shower Curtains and their benefits are a discussion on advantages of having designer curtains for a quick bathroom makeover.

They are
beautiful and cool:

They come in various options as in beautiful colors, patterns and pictures that can turn any modern bathroom into a magical experience every time you step in to have a cool shower.

They are made from different materials:

It is easy to find curtains made of cloth, plastic and vinyl in the market. This gives you a wide range of choice and you therefore don’t need to stick to one pattern. Using them can make your bathroom a place of relaxation and pleasure.

Change the look of your bath area often:

Some of these shower curtains are not expensive. Indeed you can change the look  as many times as you wish in one year.You can add a sparkle in your life using beautiful fabric works of art. There are hundreds of exquisite to choose from and this is a good opportunity for a beautiful makeover. 

Excellent Designer themes to choose from:

Can bring you a truly nice and friendly atmosphere of pure enjoyment in your bathroom.  The other themes worth mentioning here are; city backdrops, relaxing floral patterns, bamboo forests, floating bubbles, psychedelic patterns, etc.

Make use of them to brighten up your life:

With these beautiful curtains you can now afford to change the look of the most important room in your life. You can choose to change your area  weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even 4 times a year. Each new  look will definitely give a new meaning and experience to your life.

Taking a warm and relaxing shower with Unique Shower Curtains is the right choice to relax and relieve stress.

Let Your Bathroom Reflect Your Sense of Style!

Be creative, mix and match a few different styles of  and bath accessories for a truly distinct look.
 The colors must complement one another. Mix dots with florals, maybe an elegant style with contemporary.

Let yourself go, be different, your bathroom will be one of a kind.

Over 1000 matching bathroom products. Styles include kids, holiday, elegant, floral, nature, animals, western, contemporary, floral, nautical, fabric, vinyl and many more.

Browse the selections below by Category or Product...



Unique Shower Curtains

All Styles Shower Curtains

Love Shower Curtains

Hot Shower Curtains



              Kids Shower Curtains Effortless Decorating


Unique Shower Curtains....

 Kids Shower Curtains are an integral part in decorating a space for your kids.

Completing the interior design for a bathroom can be a lot of fun when
you’re working on it especially for kids. A parent can really make it
a fun place to be for their child, by filling it with beautiful colors,
patterns, or characters from their kids favorite tv show or movie.

Often the best way to start a project like this is to work from a focal point, or center of attention. This can come in many different forms but is normally the shower curtains. It is typically the biggest accessory in the bath, and it gives the designer the opportunity to set the tone and mood for the rest of the design.

By allowing the kids to select them for their bathroom can be a great
learning experience.

There are so many different options from which to choose. Whether he or she loves cartoons, sports, or animals- there are themes that will fit perfectly. Utilizing certain colors or patterns from the them, one can design the rest of the bathroom to complement it. Many stores or outlets sell accessories that perfectly match the theme you have chosen, which can be an easier way to decorate than DIY matching.

However you choose to proceed after finding the focal point, just be sure to involve your little one. They will get a great feeling of accomplishment and pride knowing they were a part of the process. It may even make them want to keep it clean!



Fabric Shower Curtains

Unique Shower Curtains..If you want to achieve an elegant looking bathroom that oozes quality and class, you may want to use Fabric Shower Curtains to complete the perfect look. 

 As most of them are PVC based, by choosing this material, you are already standing out from the crowd as it shows off your great sense of taste.  They don’t cost the farm as you can buy reasonably priced versions as well as luxury designer brands.  It’s your decision to select from the abundance of choices and styles.

They are not only visually appealing but are practical as well. These are usually made with a waterproof inner lining to avoid water leakages.  Most of them are designed with a weighted hem to help keep the “just bought” pristine look. Many also have anti-bacterial coating so you have peace of mind that any accumulation of soap scum will not create a healthy environment for bacteria.

They are made with a variety of fabric bases like 100% cotton, linen and waterproof polyester mixes.  The best thing about selecting fabric is that you can machine wash most of them at 40º, so no more careful hand-washing and overnight soaking!

 At that temperature, you will get them really clean and they will go back to their original shape without the normal creases that you get with other fabrics.

You are not limited to plain block colors.  If you like bright patterns and colors, you will have plenty of choice in the available designs.  There are geometric, transparent, fish, novelty patterns to name just a few.

So you will always be able to find something that not only adds a touch of quality to your bathroom but also brings color and flair!



                    Themed Shower Curtains

Unique Shower Curtains...If you want to have an attention-grabbing bathroom, you have a number of options.

You can always opt for colorful walls or distinct bathroom fittings. However, an easy and fun option is to have Themed Shower Curtains  reflecting your personality or interests. There are so many different themes you can opt for which will get everyone who ever visits your bathroom talking!

They are great in brightening up a plain or tired looking bathroom or shower area.  Suitably distinct curtains will also hide a multitude of sins in terms of old fittings or the walls that you have been meaning to paint for some time!

What's more important is how superior they are to your average accessories.  Because they will definitely make you and your visitors smile each time they use your bathroom!

There are so many themes that you can choose from so you are guaranteed to find a few that will be ideal in your bath area. Here are a few themes that you may want to consider:

Fish/sea theme very apt in the bathroom! Choose from cute colorful little fish of every description swimming in a beautiful blue sea

Floral theme bring in the outdoor beauty of elegant and colorful flower varieties

Movie or novelty themes like the Psycho scene or a silhouette of a giant rubber duck or a sexy lady/man!

Proverbs theme will provide great sagely or humorous advice that will always bring a smile to your face!

You will be surprised at the myriad choices from which to choose in themed shower curtains. As they are reasonably priced, you may want to change them often so you get a completely new look and feel each time. Enjoy whatever you select!



              A White Shower Curtain Can Spruce Things Up!

Unique Shower Curtains.... White Shower Curtains allows one numerous options in decorating your bath area.

This is mainly because you can add many complementary colors to it and create a unique decorating theme.  It goes well with all color hues in the many families of colors like reds, blacks, browns, blues, greens and yellows.

They can also act as an accent rather than the focal point of your decor.

You can drape it atop a plastic liner or fabric liner, you can add it as a sheer covering to the window area, there are many ways to use it as an accent piece.

You are only limited by your imagination.

Give it a try, use a white shower curtain to enhance or change your bath area now.



                   Vinyl Shower Curtains              

Unique Shower Curtains.....You know the unsightly state that shower curtains can exhibit after a few weeks of use, build-up of soap scum, mold and mildew. It’s an unavoidable fact about the life of them!

Your first instinct may be to replace them as soon as possible because they seem beyond rescue.  But if you invest in Vinyl Shower Curtains  you will avoid this dilemma in the future. 

What is so special about Vinyl you ask?

 Well, they are waterproof and easy to clean because of the material composition. Being waterproof means the usual grime and other bad stuff just slides off with a quick rinse of water.  But if this rinsing isn’t a part of your daily ritual, they are really easy to  wash in hot water.  So there is no excuse not to keep them sparkling!

You may think that they are boring but they come in plain but a range of designs and colors that will rejuvenate your bathroom decor. Vinyl Shower Curtains are as fashionable as any other material bases. 

 There are some that have transparent effects with a range of colors and patterns like distinct geometric design or cute little swimming goldfish. Whatever pattern that is embedded on them will not fade when washed because they are made to last.

They are often designed with blunt edges to prevent the usual collection of soap scum so reducing the need to clean too vigorously!

These are great for all shower areas whatever your household makeup.They provide the aesthetic appeal as well as giving you practical benefits to keep your bathroom pristine!


I found it very easy to search for the catgory of shower curtains by using the Search Box below:     Select your style and add the word shower curtains. Such as:
Elegant Shower curtains..

Use terms such as:

Elegant, Nautical,
Floral, Animal, Kids, Fabric, Western, Novelty, Holiday, Fun,            Curtain Liners, Curain Hooks, Bathroom Accessories

Try it....You will get loads of styles from which to choose.....


Polyester Unique Shower Curtains Can Help Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner!

If you have simple minimalistic tastes in the decor of your bathroom, Polyester Unique Shower Curtains may be ideal. They come in subtle, tasteful colors that can complement most design schemes. 

However, if you like a little bit of color and fun in your style, see the distinctive patterns and designs like waterfalls which are particularly apt! They are also available in cool squares or circular patterns that work well to brighten up any shower area.

Unique shower curtains are very practical because they are easy to clean. You can just wipe them down or machine wash them avoiding the build-up of mold, mildew and soap scum.

They are available in a variety of thickness and are very durable. If they are cared for regularly will last you for many years. The thicker they are, the easier they are to clean in the washing machine without causing any tears or rips.

Polyester Shower Curtains are very effective in preventing water leakage as they are waterproof.

    Is Your Bathroom Blah?  Designer Unique Shower Curtains Will Help!

Unique Shower Curtains.....The home is become a focal point for everyone and making sure that every room receives detailed attention in the choice of decor is part of that focus.  The bathroom can be a real sanctuary not just for practical use but quiet enjoyment and tranquility.  So how do you create that haven that reflects your tastes and is unique to you? Well, investing in designer shower curtains will go a long way to create something special in your special area.

However, they do not need to cost the earth despite the immediate connotations with the word “designer”.  This can mean non-mass produced versions which are unique in style and design that you will not find in everyone’s bathroom.  Like any discerning consumer, you may not want to have the standard mass produced curtains that are widely available.

The prices for designer curtains that are unique are very reasonable ranging from $10 to over $100 so there is no reason you can’t have something special in the bathroom.

You can find limited edition high end versions that are not common in most bathrooms. Fitting these in your bathroom says a lot about you as a person as does other well selected decor in the rest of your home.  It shows your attention to detail, your love for your home and can really act as a statement piece in what may be a simply decorated bath area.

Designer unique shower curtains can add a new dimension to an otherwise dull room. Kick out the bathroom blahs with unique shower curtains. Why not give them a try?

            Showering With Unique Shower Curtains, A New Experience!!

Unique Shower Curtains...Showering needn’t be a dreary but necessary everyday activity. It would be nice to step into the area, pull apart the curtains and be relaxed enough to be inspired to sing. You can make every shower or bubble bath a pleasurable or relaxing experience. These curtains come in beautiful colors, pictures and patterns that can match every homeowner’s personality.

Imagine showering in the midst of an enchanted forest or wallowing in the tub in an ocean backdrop. Since showering or bathing is a private experience, unique shower curtains can allow you to truly let go and relax, relieve some stress in the warm drops of the shower or bubbly waters of the bathtub. Other themes can include city backdrops, relaxing floral patterns, bamboo forests, floating bubbles, psychedelic patterns, your favorite car and a lot more.

Unique shower curtains also come in different materials such as cloth, vinyl and plastic. Homeowners needn’t stick to one pattern. Some are not expensive and you can buy several and change weekly, monthly or even daily. For a fun or relaxing bath, do away with plain, drab and simple ones.

There are hundreds of shower curtains from which to choose.  Why not change yours today for a totally new look and experience.

               Could Unique Shower Curtains Work For You? 
Unique Shower curtains...If you are a discerning homemaker and take pride in your home, you probably want to make sure that all your decor is as distinctive as possible reflecting your tastes and individuality. But can you really have unique shower curtains as well? 

Well, it is not so difficult to find unique shower curtains that match your bathroom décor or personal taste. There is a growing range of curtains available on the market as people become more particular about every aspect of how their homes look and feel.

The range of selections go from those for children with their favorite cartoon characters to sophisticated designer ones that match the exclusive designs of your home. There are many avenues to acquire them, as well as, a diversity of colors, patterns and sizes.

But if you wanted really personalized shower curtains, there are services available where you can design your own. You can upload your own design, theme, photo or anything else that appeals to you to create your very own personal curtains that no one else will have. You can pick the exact size and colors that match your bath area!

So if you are looking to maintain your individuality throughout your home and you thought you had to compromise on your shower curtains, you don’t. There is so much choice, variety and methods at your fingertips to ensure that you have what you desire.

So, don't just think about having unique shower curtains, take a look at our wide variety and make a choice.

         Using White Shower Curtains for a Quick Bathroom Makeover

Unique Shower Curtains....Perhaps you’ve been procrastinating about giving your aging bathroom a makeover for years now, convincing yourself the daunting task would require too much time and effort, or, it would be too expensive to remodel on your family’s tight budget.  Or maybe your family recently relocated into a new home where you immediately feel in love with every inch of the house’s interior, but then soon realized you loathe the design of the master bath.  Despite the reasons why your bathroom is in desperate need of an extreme makeover, the good news is that you can give your bathroom an affordable and quick bathroom makeover, usually under $25, by simply adding a white shower curtain!

With so many different material types and styles of curtains and waterproof liners, choosing one to spruce up your bathroom’s character is probably the most difficult decision you’ll have to make!  Not only can you rejuvenate your bathroom with a white shower curtain, but you also have a wide selection of coordinating bath accessories to shop from because white’s such a popular complementary color. 

For example if you wanted to give your bathroom a quick feminine makeover, you could do Spa shower curtains and accessorize with pastel colors in the bathroom such as soft soothing spring colored wastebasket, tissue box, soap dish, toothbrush holder and matching towel set.  For a more masculine atmosphere, a Tuxedo Pleated shower curtain with either sport-themed accessories or black and gold trimmed accessories is sure to please the man of the house.   

A child’s bathroom is probably the easiest and quickest rooms in your home to transform from a boring four-cornered room into every child’s fairytale bathroom playground.  Mom can seemingly wave her magic home decor fashion wand, sprinkle fairy dust into the air, and click her ruby red heels three times. Viola!  The child’s bathroom is completely transformed, revealing a white shower curtain as a backdrop amidst childhood decorations including trucks for boys or a doll themed bathroom delight for girls! 

All of this to complete a quick bathroom makeover in less than a day and with some thrifty shopping under $50, including the basic white shower curtain with accommodating accessories to make the entire family happy on almost any budget!

      Let Unique Shower Curtains Show Your Personal Flair!

Unique Shower Curtains...Not so long ago the shower curtains that many people had in their bathrooms were just functional, and not appealing.  However, today the kind of shower curtains that are available allows you to add a bit of flair to this area of the home.  There are a variety of different types of unique shower curtains that one can purchase and which can bring life into an otherwise boring space. 

When it comes to choosing which shower curtain that you like for your home, there are a number of options available to you.  Certainly a unique one although slightly more expensive can make the space in which they are placed feel more personal. 

The great thing about these kinds of unique shower curtains is that you can have one that will fit in with the decor of your bathroom.  If for example you have the beachcomber look then why not get a beaded curtain or one that features surfboards and palm trees. 

Initially it would be difficult to find these types of shower curtains, but today the internet can easily and quickly get you in contact with those that have them available.  More and more people have begun to expand the way in which they decorate their homes, as a result, the need for something a little special has become ever more popular. 

When it comes to actually buying unique shower curtains for your home there are many different styles and materials.  No longer is one restricted to plastic that hangs on a rod.  You can now opt for glass, wood or fabric. 

You can also get educational tools in the form of shower curtains for your children. There are some superb ones available, which have maps of the world or skeletal outlines of dinosaurs and other animals.

Adults may desire shower curtains that provides a scene or landscape while they shower.  Why not consider one that is produced by a world famous artist or one with bright eye-catching colors.

Certainly you will find something that will match your own personality and style.

When it comes to finding unique shower curtains shopping online is the best place to start your search.  You will discover there are many online choices and you are likely to find some great deals.  So why not start your search today and see which style and colors will bring an air of glamor, elegance or whimsy to your home’s bathroom.

       Themed Shower Curtains Changes Your Bathroom In A Snap!

Unique Shower Curtains...Does your bath need a facelift, but you don’t have a large budget to splurge on new accessories?  You can give your bath a quick and easy new look by simply adding stylish themed shower curtains.  Take an otherwise boring and bland bath, and brighten it up in a snap!

Retro Designs

If you’re looking for shower curtains with a nostalgic flare, then you can’t go wrong with retro designs.   Bold blocks, swirling circles, connecting links, and retro rectangles bring an unforgettable style of the 60’s.  Other unmistakable retro designs you can select from include adorable dots and crazy kaleidoscopes.    Shower curtains with retro designs definitely bring life to the room!

Beautiful Quilted Patterns

 If you’re looking for something different, but maybe not as radical as retro designs, then maybe a pair of quilted patterned is more your style.   Country themes are very popular with farm scenes, roosters, and sunflowers.   Other favorite patterns are bear paws, cabin designs and southwest styles.  You can also find beautiful animal quilted patterns such as hummingbirds and dog breeds.  Even sports fanatics can find their favorite sport stitched on curtains for the shower!   Quilted patterns are beautifully designed and every stitch is detailed to perfection.  

Ready, Set, Hang

On the topic of sports, there is also a huge variety of college and university themes.  Whether it is your or your significant others' alma mater or the college your child is currently attending, what better way to show your support than hang the school’s souvenir on your shower rod!   For the NFL, NHL and NBA lovers in your home, they will also be happy to know their favorite team’s logo can also be found. Additionally, you can find matching bath accessories to complete the theme.

Trendy Classics

If you’re looking to add some life to your bath but you would rather stick to something a little more subtle, classic styles are ageless!  Classic designs with a modern twist are perfect for adding a nice yet trendy touch.  Whether you decide on olive, white, beige, navy, mist green satin stripes, or even faux suede, you won’t have to worry about a home fashion faux pas!

Dramatic Changes without the Hassle 

Once you begin shopping for new shower curtains, you will soon realize there are numerous styles, fabric types, price ranges, and even options on how to hang them.  Although most are standard size, before purchasing, you should be aware of the size you need and if you should buy additional panels. 

Keep in mind how many hooks are needed, and if a different color is in order to match your new color scheme.  Simply by changing shower curtains in your home can give your bath a dramatically quick and easy new look.  The best part is you can change the look as often as you like for under $50!


How to Maintain All your Shower Curtains And Keep Them Looking New

Soiled and moldy shower curtains gives an unclean sense when you are showering or bathing.

Additionally , they result in your whole bathroom appearing to be untidy and soiled.

Simply because shower curtains line the tub, which always creates dampness, they typically mildew and have soap scum.

Maintaining shower curtains is rarely a pleasing activity. It appears to be a lot of work to remove the curtain and liner from each of the rings for the purpose of a complete cleaning.  Just spraying them with a solution and letting them drip dry is easier, but
are they really clean?

In any event, they need to get taken down and then washed completely.This will ensure that your bath area will be sparkly as well as clean.

Here is an easy and effective way to keep your shower curtains clean and pretty!

A Vinegar and Baking Soda Wash:

Vinly or Plastic Curtains/Liners

If you use a vinyl or plastic liner, you will be able to wash it in the washing machine with a cup of vinegar and a cup of baking soda.

Use warm water, not hot - hot may melt your material. Wash the shower curtains along with white towels and a regular amount of detergent. Run it through a complete wash cycle.

Do Not put them in the dryer!  Just hang them in the bath area as usual and allow them to drip dry.

Fabric Shower Curtains

For fabric curtains, use only one cup of baking soda NO vinegar. To remove any mildew or mold, wash fabric shower curtains in hot soapy water with just a tiny amount of color-safe bleach for colored fabric.

Soak fabric curtains in a salt-water solution to prevent molding, but only use a small amount of salt to prevent crystals from forming on your curtains.


Advisory:  Some of the products I mention on this website are done with a affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking. In most cases I have handled the items and am aware of their performance. 

You will not have to pay extra for the product purchase nor does this arrangement cause me to give a favorable recommendation if the product fails to deliver on its promises.    Sheri

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