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Do You need a Shower Curtain Change?  Is Yours Old and Dirty?  Get a New One!!!

Showering With Unique Shower Curtains, A New Experience!   Unique Shower Curtains

Showering need not be a dreary but necessary everyday activity.

It would be nice to step into the shower, pull apart the curtains and be relaxed or be inspired to sing.  They can make every shower or bubble bath a pleasurable or relaxing experience.  These come in beautiful colors, pictures and patterns that can match any homeowner’s personality.

Imagine being in the midst of an enchanted forest or wallowing in the tub in an ocean backdrop. Since bathing and showering is a private experience, unique shower curtains can allow you to truly let go and relax, relieve some stress in the warm drops or bubbly waters of the bathtub.

Other themes can include city backdrops, floral patterns, bamboo forests, floating  bubbles, psychedelic patters, your favorite car and much more….

There are different materials such as cloth, vinyl, and plastic. One does not have to stick to one pattern.  Since they are not too expensive you can buy several and change weekly, monthly or even daily. For fun and relaxation, do away with plain, drab and simple shower  curtains.

Why not change yours today for a totally new look and experience.

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A White Shower Curtain Can Spruce Things Up!    White Shower Curtain 3

White Shower curtains allows one numerous options in decorating your bath area.
This is mainly because you can add many complementary colors to it and create a unique decorating theme.

It goes well with all color hues in the many families of colors like reds, blacks, browns, blues, greens and yellows.

White shower curtains can also act as an accent rather than the focal point of your decor.

You can drape it atop a plastic liner or fabric liner, you can add it as a sheer covering to the window area, there are many ways to use it as an accent piece.

Use your unlimited imagination and creativity!!

Give it a try, use one to enhance or change your bath area now.

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Themed Shower Curtains a Different Way to Dress A Bathroom…

If you want to have an attention-grabbing bathroom, you have a number of options.

Colorful walls or distinct bathroom fittings are always an option.. However, an easy and fun option is to have Themed Shower Curtains  reflecting your personality or interests. There are so many different themes you can opt for which will get everyone who ever visits your bathroom talking!


They are great in brightening up a plain or tired looking bathroom or shower area.  Suitably distinct curtains will also hide a multitude of sins in terms of old fittings or the walls that you have been meaning to paint for some time!

What’s more important is how superior they are to your average accessories.  Because they will definitely make you and your visitors smile each time they use your bathroom!

There are so many themes that you can choose from so you are guaranteed to find a few that will be ideal in your bath area. Here are a few themes that you may want to consider:

Fish/sea theme very apt in the bathroom! Choose from cute colorful little fish of every description swimming in a beautiful blue sea.

Floral theme bring in the outdoor beauty of elegant and colorful flower varieties

Movie or novelty themes like the Psycho scene or a silhouette of a giant rubber duck or a sexy lady/man!

Proverbs theme will provide great sagely or humorous advice that will always bring a smile to your face!

You will be surprised at the myriad choices from which to choose in themed shower curtains. As they are reasonably priced, you may want to change them often so you get a completely new look and feel each time. Enjoy whatever you select!

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