Using White Shower Curtain for a Quick Bathroom Makeover

Perhaps you’ve been procrastinating about giving your aging bathroom a makeover for years now, convincing yourself the daunting task would require too much time and effort, or, it would be too expensive to remodel on your family’s tight budget.

Or maybe your family recently relocated into a new home where you immediately feel in love with every inch of the house’s interior, but then soon realized you loathe the design of the master bath.

Despite the reasons why your bathroom is in desperate need of an extreme makeover, the good news is that you can give your bathroom an affordable and quick bathroom makeover, usually under $25, by simply adding a white shower curtain!


With so many different material types and styles of curtains and waterproof liners, choosing one to spruce up your bathroom’s character is probably the most difficult decision you’ll have to make!
Not only can you rejuvenate your bathroom with a white shower curtain, but you also have a wide selection of coordinating bath accessories to shop from because it is such a popular complementary color.

For example if you wanted to give your bathroom a quick feminine makeover, you could do Spa shower curtains and accessorize with pastel colors in the bathroom such as soft soothing spring colored wastebasket, tissue box, soap dish, toothbrush holder and matching towel set.

For a more masculine atmosphere, a Tuxedo Pleated shower curtain with either sport-themed accessories or black and gold trimmed accessories is sure to please the man of the house.

A child’s bathroom is probably the easiest and quickest rooms in your home to transform from a boring four-cornered room into every child’s fairy tale bathroom playground.

Mom can seemingly wave her magic home decor fashion wand, sprinkle fairy dust into the air, and click her ruby red heels three times. Viola!

The child’s bathroom is completely transformed. It reveals a white shower curtain as a backdrop among childhood decorations including trucks for boys or a doll themed bathroom delight for girls!

All of this to complete a quick bathroom makeover in less than a day and with some thrifty shopping under $50.00. This includes the basic white shower curtain with accommodating accessories to make the entire family happy on almost any budget!


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