Facts About Cloth Fabric Shower Curtains

The terms cloth shower curtains and fabric shower curtains are interchangeable.

Neverthless, we all use shower curtains for many reasons but mainly for privacy, to keep the bathroom floor dry and to improve the look of the room. The problem with curtains made of synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester and vinyl is that they are not as pleasing to the eye as cloth shower curtains.

Cloth shower curtains made from cotton or linen may absorb water instead of repelling it. Using a shower-curtain liner solves this problem and is essential to pair up with your cloth curtain of choice.

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Cloth Fabric Shower Curtains Features:

                  1. Have the ability to add attractiveness to the bathroom with design, color and texture of the fabric
                  1. Varies in price depending on the type of fabric used so can fit any budget
                  1. Can be paired with a shower-curtain liner for longer life and to add to the function of the curtain
                  1. Easy care
                  1. Can be the focal point of the room


Cloth shower curtains often make a fashion statement with ruffles, bold design such as stripes or different shades of the same color. They may be yarn dyed so the rich color lasts and are usually purchased along with roller rings and a liner. They are usually machine washable and easy to keep clean and mildew free. Quite often fabric curtains can be monogrammed for a unique twist.

They can often cheer up a kid’s bathroom when they have kid-friendly characters. These come in colorful designs or have fun symbols or animals on them to make bath and shower time more enjoyable for little ones.


Cloth shower curtains often need warm ironing after washing and can be ruined if someone accidentally uses chlorine bleach in the wash cycle.

They need to be laundered if it stays wet for too long, to combat odors and mildew. They can also become stained from products like hair dye when these items are used too close to the curtain.


Cloth shower curtains are recommended for the individual interested in making a fashion statement. There are so many possibilities for creating a unique, colorful and expressive bathroom decor.

The many choices in fabric, style, and accessories like cords, monogramming or other decorations such as beads or ruffles provide endless mix and match variations.

People who enjoy the feel of fabric instead of vinyl, or nylon will choose to use these over synthetic.

The ease of care and ability to wash them during times when family members have colds and flu or other contagious illnesses make cloth shower curtains more attractive than the harder to clean synthetic curtains.